This is how I sell Udemy courses with Facebook chat bot (Manychat)

This is how I sell Udemy courses with Facebook chat bot (Manychat)
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The first message you send out immediately after someone subscribes is typically to deliver the lead magnet or gift that you promised you would send after sign up.

But it’s not all about delivering your lead magnet. A welcome email can do so much more.

First of all say, thank you to be your subscribers. Tell them how much it means to you that they signed up.

Then introduce yourself and your brand in a nutshell. Make it very personal and playful. It makes the reader feel that they are a part of something, and shows you or your company as real people, not just an anonymous corporation. Highlight your milestones – what you have achieved in the past, what certifications you have, or how long you have worked in the industry.

The next section of your message should be “What to expect from us”. This is a very important part; don’t skip it. Let them know if you will send them regular broadcast messages, what type of content they will contain, and how frequently to expect them. Also explain to them why it will be helpful to them. Are you sending out a blog post to inform them? Or research information, case studies, or industry news? Premium resources? Tell them what to expect.

It’s a good idea to share your social media links in this first message, and ask them to follow you on these platforms to get the most out of their subscription.

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