Dr. Stephen Morris

Dr. Stephen Morris
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Dr Stephen Morris provides compassionate and professional obstetric care for women during pregnancy and childbirth, working with women and their partners to facilitate a successful and enjoyable birth process.

Sydney Mother & Baby is a philosophy of care where the woman is supported. My role for the birth is to be supportive of the woman's choices, to make it as natural as possible, should that be the way the woman wants, and to be encouraging for the woman to achieve her outcome. I studied medicine at the University of Sydney.

I was a resident at Royal Price Alfred Hospital. I've completed my training in obstetrics with a senior registrar at Monash Medical Center. I then spent the next four years overseas, two years in Ireland and then did one year in London, one year in Paris. I returned as a staff specialist to Royal Prince Alfred.

And in 2001, I became a visiting medical officer and set up private practice in obstetrics and gynecology. What sets Sydney Mother & Baby apart from other practices is the team approach from all within the practice. Myself as the doctor, three midwives, Alexis Upton, she's the point of contact for pregnant women following up with any pregnancy question, as well as providing care and support from over the phone and in person.

Alexis has a great understanding and empathy for women, and also allowing to give them support for care, not only in their pregnancy but in labor. Angela Smith, in charge of the post-natal ward for 28 years at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and she's a leading and a world expert in lactation. Penny Stanbury, a midwife of senior standing of 16 years and a mother of four. In addition to that, we have a yoga teacher, Portia, who provides support for the women.

And we have the front of office staff, which provide every need that's required to any woman under the administrative prospective. We have classes offered to women, giving them support, going throughout the beginning of the pregnancy from early pregnancy essentials through to antenatal care, through to lactation. We offer additional classes such as anesthetic classes, support persons classes, baby massage classes, and CPR.

As well as that, we provide support after the birth of the baby, not only with Angela with breastfeeding, we provide mother grouped classes for people who are city-based and who have no support network and providing a form of continuity of care for them after the birth of the baby in the city.



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